Dangerous Terrain Competition Entries

This competition was organized by El mastodon who specified the following criteria:

Entrants were asked to build a piece of scenery or terrain with emphasis on something dangerous.

The competition was won by Kishkumen

  • #591
    Dangerous Airspace: Power Lines
    by Kishkumen (1st)
  • #590
    Great Mesa
    by asdel (2nd)
  • #592
    Deceptively Deadly
    by Geolinna (3rd)
  • #587
    Ruins with wooden splinters
    by Craftfeld
  • #588
    Dangerous Jungle Terrain
    by TheDreamer
  • #589
    Crashed / Shot down plane 15mm
    by Craftfeld
  • #593
    Rad Zone
    by extraevildave
  • #594
    Watch the Skies
    by extraevildave
  • #595
    I want to break free
    by thecoldwarrior