Weather It Competition Entries

This competition was organized by havre who specified the following criteria:

As is suggested by the title: entrants were required to use one or more techniques to give their entry a weathered look.

The competition was won by Thumper

  • #618
    Open Sided Shed ... in the Swamp
    by Thumper (1st)
  • #616
    Boneyard Train
    by TheRat (2nd)
  • #619
    Derelict Stronghold, and Dice Tower.
    by SpiderHawk (3rd)
  • #620
    Lost Glory - Post Apocalypse Statues
    by extraevildave
  • #617
    Burnt-Out Urban Ruin
    by Philip Berry
  • #621
    Post Apocalypse Hovel
    by extraevildave