Old & Rusty Competition Entries

This competition was organized by extraevildave who specified the following criteria:

For this competition entrants had to model something that looks old and rusty.

The competition was won by cprljohnivey

  • #688
    Bocage Hedge Row
    by cprljohnivey (1st)
  • #682
    Hannah Co. Scrapyard
    by Keldon (2nd)
  • #686
    Rusty Necromunda Silo
    by djmothra (3rd)
  • #683
    Hannah's Hammer
    by TheDreamer
  • #684
    What a heap of junk!
    by djmothra
  • #687
    Jack's Repair Shed
    by Elderac
  • #689
    Hannah's Harbour Cafe
    by lahmianvampyrevenom