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TerraGenesis and its readers are interested to know about model making products and services and there are a two ways that you can bring them to our/their attention:

  1. TerraGenesis uses sponsored advertising to pay for the bandwidth that it uses. Click here for further details.

  2. You can post about it on our forum. Please note however that there are specific areas in which we allow 'advertising' and read our Terms of Use before posting. Our loyal readership are unlikely to view your products/services in a positive light if you abuse their favourite forum.

Please note that all of the above is with regard to products and services that are closely related to the subject of making model terrain. Advertising of products which are of general interest to humans e.g. food, finacial services, etc are not considered relevant, and are therefore not allowed, on TerraGenesis despite the fact that most of our readership are probably human.

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