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The most common problem with registration is that the registration email does not arrive. The email should arrive within minutes of the registration form being completed. If it does not, the chances are that your email client thinks it's spam. Some systems (AOL are notorious for it) seem to think that any system generated message from outside the USA is spam. Check your spam folder. You may need to alter some of your spam filter settings.

If you didn't manage to find the email then check our memberlist to see if you are still on it. Our system deletes membership applications that have not been responded to after a period of 24-48 hours. If our system has removed you from the list then you can simply try again to register.

If you are still on the list you can try getting our system to regenerate your password. Do this by going to our login screen. There you will see a link to a facility that can be used to generate a new password in the event that you've forgotten your password. Enter your username and email address and the system will email a new password. Once again, this should arrive within a few minutes.

If your problem is something other than not having received the email then please use the form below to contact us giving as much detail of the problem as you can. If the problem is the non-receipt of the email, I'm afraid that all of the advice that we can give is written above. Being contactable by the System Administrator is a requirement for membership and if you can't receive the emails I'm afraid there's nothing that we can do about it from this end.

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Please note that we usually respond to emails within 48 hours

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