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WO II diorama, Battle of the Bulge

Image from http://imageshack.com/a/img844/6973/h2p2.jpgImage from http://imageshack.com/a/img28/271/z87k.jpgImage from http://imageshack.com/a/img35/2161/srqk.jpgImage from http://imageshack.com/a/img38/1600/h9hx.jpg

Image from http://imageshack.com/a/img689/2742/lxpf.jpg

So here we are again,
this project was also finished this summer.
Viktor wanted to make trees and rocky mountains so we've decided on: Battle of the Bulge or Battle for the Ardens as we call it in Belgium.
For this project we tried for the first time: grass, trees, shrubs… I liked the colors so we did not do snow.
We used the 'sponge technique' to make the pines. For the big leaf tree I stole some herbs from the kitchen (i think it was wild marjorie ?) my wife was not pleased because seems to be quiet expensive. Well…all for art ! Smile For this big tree we (hot)glued some little twigs together to get more branches per square centimeter.
Again the house was made with 'Crealltherm' (baked in the kitchen oven and painted afterwards).
And again we customized some off the soldiers (English soldier falling down hurt, and the German officer shooting, or the guy standing/shooting from the rooftop, we bent him downwards,...)
Before baking the 'Crealltherm' we pushed it in... a plastic snake (f.i.), so we got texture witch resembles roof tiles.
I know my painting isn't 'up to standard' but my eye-sight is just not good enough anymore + we more like to make than to paint.

But … how do you like it ?

Next finished project we will be posting: 'Orc- cave man style -village'.


bobenviktor said:

my wife was not pleased because seems to be quiet expensive.

Herbis artis gratia.

Once again, another beautiful model. I love the snake-pressing texture technique! Great results from smart thinking.

My only small nitpick regarding this piece is that I was vaguely under the impression that the Battle of The Bulge took place in December and January. Ou est l'hiver? Don't get me wrong, I hate modeling snow as much as the next vieux grognard, but there might be a slight anachronism here.

The custom modified soldiers are also cool; I noticed the mod on the guy shooting down right away.

Excellent work. Applause

Yeah, I know the snow was abundant that winter but as I mentioned we liked the colors so much we did not want to change it to snow.
But… I must admit, being lazy might play (as always with me) a part also Smile .

bobenviktor said:

I must admit, being lazy might play (as always with me) a part also.

I'm hip. Laziness is my primary motivation myself.

Plus if anyone complains you can always claim you're playing a scenario in which the battle happened a few months earlier. Maybe the Maginot Line wasn't bypassed. And then you have all the Weird War II options.

Such a cool piece; very dynamic, lots of action!

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