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40k missile silo

Hi, I've just found terragenesis and thought I'd post up what I worked on this weekend.

The main structure is compressed recycled pulp packaging, the silo caps are foamcore. It has an old capacitor and resistors, solder wire, etc on a bevelled masonite base. The only 40k parts are the missile heads, surplus from my whirlwind build, and the decals. Only thing I'm not entirely happy with is the water - I was going for a pooled muddy rainwater look but it looks... wrong.

Image from http://i.imgur.com/aT9ZXC7l.jpg

Image from http://i.imgur.com/5cKLtnel.jpg

Apart from the water effect and the very rectangular shape of your piece it looks very cool. I like the overall layout and the astonishing paint job.

Good looking piece! Well polished finish for it! Interesting use of various other items to make a new whole, capacitor, resistor, wires, etc!

Nice use of bits and bobs. Great paint job. The water looks too clear, as if it is supposed to be there (cooling maybe?). Old pooled rain water looks murkier. Maybe a thin dark brown wash would fix it?

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