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Warmachine Cryx Inspired Board

Thats a pretty great board. Fantastic work for your first attempt. I look forward to seeing more of your work!


Things have kind of come full circle. I just gave this piece (the first thing I ever made) away (along with a bunch of terrain making supplies, and prototype laser terrain) to the husband of one of my wife's co-workers who just opened up a gaming store in Athen GA. It's nice to see your stuff going to a good home where its appreciated and will get used Smile

It's been 3+ years since this?! Ugh, where does time go... this is that whole getting old thing all over again.

Oh, and also well done on the gifting. You earned +5 karma. Thumbs Up

I'm not sure where the time goes.

It seems SO long ago when I look at my skill level then and compare it to now, but on the other hand 'only 3 years', lol. And what makes it even more interesting is when I think about the people I've met on this site and the friends we've become. Yeah Internet Smile

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