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Its a small thing really

My latest build, again for a contest. The contest was for a dungeon, 3-5 rooms with an entrance and boss room.

Primary material is pink foam & foam core.

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_215742_resized.jpg

First rom is the entrance and has a pit trap. Door is hinged and opens.

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_215853_resized.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180919_resized.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180542.jpg

The next room has the summoning circle

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180643.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180647.jpg

Which leads to the boss room through double doors. Doors are hinged and functional.

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180655.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180708.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180719.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_180936_resized.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/20140331_215742_resized.jpg

Hey Valas,

I would not call it 'a small thing', it's a great build ! Gongrats !
You have a steady hand as can be seen on your gold decorative painting. Nice texture on the stones also.
Which competition was it for ? And where did you get those small hinges ?
Small remark: it looks a bit to clean. Maybe ad some (blood) stains/wethering or torches/chains or other details which or not so symmetrical. Symmetry is nice but not always realistic.

Thanks for the praise. The peice was for a competition on the DM Craft website. The hinges are doll house hinges that I had left over from another project.

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