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Jack's Repair Shed

For this competition, I intend to build a repair shed that might be found in a variety of places. Jack is a man of many talents, but upkeep on his building is not one of them. He skills put him a step above a shade tree mechanic in that he actually has a building, but the money he brings in barely covers his expenses. Perhaps if he lived somewhere else, he would have a fancier place with all the latest equipment, but he will have to get by with what he has.

I intend to build the shed and an attached office. In order to be able to use it in a variety of places, I intend to try to keep it somewhat generic so that Jack could be repairing steam cars as well a grav vehicles, depending on the game board.

The scale will be 15mm. Details to follow.


First shots of actual work in progress.

First up is the base. This is a 5 x 6" piece of thin board I purchased at a hobby store (Hobby Lobby or Michael's in this area). Since most of my pieces are less than 6" I like using these over cardboard. I paint the bottom black (just to identify it as one of my pieces of terrain) and will bevel the edges. I will give the top a coat of paint later.

Image: 20140610043608

The next step was to cut out the sides of the two wings of the building. The larger building will be 3 x 3 " and stand about 3" at the peak of the roof, a little higher when I get the roofing on. The smaller wing will be 2 x 2". The smaller wing butts up against the larger building on the side with the small door.

Image: 20140610043851

I will be adding a wood structure and priming the pieces black before starting assembly. Maybe. I might not prime them.


I have managed to get the wooden structure on the inside of the shed portion of the project. Since I will not have the office portion open for viewing, I am using wood blocks to give the building some structure.

Image: 20140615142422

The next step will be cut the roof panels and prime and paint before initial assembly.

Should be more pictures soon.

I've painted the inside of the shed and the outside of the whole structure. Then I have started assembly and basing. I still need to make the outside rusty and add a few details.

Image: 20140622175428


So what treats will lie in store for us inside the workshop, cluttered workbenches? miscellaneous busted junk? half dismantled car? care worn machinery and toolboxes? (Show me any self respecting workshop that doesn't have a red roller toolbox cabinet in it).
Go on spill the beans.......

Possibly a workbench and the toolbox. Maybe a chain hoist. Some signs should appear out front. I am going to hold back some details for the Finest Five competition. Someone needs to enter it. Smile

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