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Rusty Junk Pile

Small update, Painted the base: Mixed up a typical Generic Space Wolf Grey style paint and painted the base color.
Next a weak brown wash - the same brown for the rust base color.
Lastly, a heavy drybrush using GW Ubushanti (sp?) Bone. I may give it a light drybrush with white in the morning when I can get a better eye on how the color looks.

No Pic, as its 11pm here, the light is terrible - I'll post one tomorrow (perhaps after my decision to add white or not)

Also started on some Easter Eggs - but they'll be kept secret until the final entry is posted Laughing

As promised, the base in some decent light.

Base finished - Grey, Brown Wash with 'bone' highlight

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Wee update: decided to add a few 'shrooms to the pile, mostly hidden under things and in corners.

First, glued 3 bits of plastic tubing (the same tube that 'Cotton Buds' are made from to a bit of broken plastic ruler, I'll clip them off later) Then using some Reeves Modelling Paste, made 3 balls of the putty and just pushed them over the end of the tubes, then used fingers to shape.

3 new 'shrooms

The 'shrooms (still on the temporary plastic base) with the pile so you can get a good idea on the size of them.

Size comparison

Last pic, all painted up - using GW Paints, the stalk and under the mushroom were painted Ushabti Bone, with Lorien Green for the top. A wash of Reikland Flesh. Followed by white dots (whitescar white IIRC)

Just like Mario eats to get 1UP's!

I did consider making them red/white, like Fly Agaric (sp?) but decided that there were already too many 'warm' colors here, so decided on green - albeit a warmer green than anticipated. Not to worry, still looks good (I think)

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Nice detail I think that's gonna lift this entry. What a great way to put in a splash of contrasting colour and further add to the derelict look. Great work and thanks for the detailed description on how they have been done (filed in brain under C for cool detail)

Careful where you put your hands!

Another addition to my rusty Junk Pile.


Decided to add a nasty surprise resident in one of the tubes on the pile (not decided exactly which one yet). Made from Reeves Modelling Putty, It's not particularly awesome, but as you won't get to really see it, albeit from one place it doesn;t matter too much!


One angle showing the snake in all it's 'glory' used GW paints for it. Averland Sunset for the top half of the body, Ubashti Bone for the lower half.


Used Bugmans Glow for the belly lines and added a Reikland Flesh wash over the whole thing.

No Badgers were harmed in the making of this Snake

Finished off with Red in the eye sockets and another layer of Ubashti Bone for between the belly lines.

As I said, it's not great, but I'm happy enough with it!

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

I'm going to have to try and squeeze in something Badger related now aren't I? Laughing

Just for fun (and so you can see the scale)



Tetanus and toxins and spores oh my. Smile

Decided that the base was too similar in color to the rest of it, so I'm repainting - and being very original I'm going for the GWGSPWG look.

Ahhhh GWGSWG how we love you!!!!

Finished the base, added the snake and 'shrooms, along with some dead grass and a little bit of Graffiti.

I'm calling this one done - will upload final entry now.

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