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Rusty Silo v2.0

Made a hatch at the top of the ladder and added rivets to the top part - we're getting there slowly! Smile

The top of the hatch

...and the underside of the hatch

A fellow forum user on my Necromunda site mentioned how real structural engineers wouldn't use I-Beams in the fashion that I used here and I agree, but this is a fictional build for a game set many hundreds of thousands of years in the future! Smile I do want to build a more realistic water tower at some point though (it's on my 'to do' list)

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

Right, time to start getting this thing finished - just textured the base with crushed Chalk + PVA.

Sprayed with black Primer - now waiting for it to dry.

Started to apply the brown "Burnt Sienna" Acrylic to the Silo - on the left, here I have just done the top part.
On the right, you can see the rough brown base coat has been done, along with the GGWSWG on the base. This is also a much better picture as I'm using natural light.

Next up - a few warning signs and start the pool of goo before stippling begins

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

With half the base color on

base coat for the silo and base finished

Added some warning signs and infamous hazard stripes. These have been added before the stippling as I want them to look old as well - i'll be adding some 'fresher' items later.

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

The door with a Propoganda poster

Bill Posters is Innocent!

From the top down

That is looking really good. Thumbs Up

Main stippling done - also started on the Goo.

Things to do: Entire build black washed then highlighted with metallics (same as my previous rust builds)
Finish the goo pool - wet blend a light (around the edge) to dark (in the middle) to give illusion of depth.
Wash and highlight base - add some dead grass.
Add some OSL lighting on the silo and ground.
A few bits to clean up here and there (mainly getting base color paint on the rust d'oh! )
And...One more thing, but i'll save that for you to find in the final entry!
PHEW! Nearly there Laughing

C&Cs welcome as always!!!!

Showing the door and poster

View from the top down

Showing the 'Glowing' Generator and the start of the goo pool

Honestly, I totally forgot these were soda cans. Had to scroll back up the page.

All the detail really sells this piece.

My first ever try at OSL - what d'ya reckon?

Generator Glow OSL

Please be kind Smile

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