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Hannah's Harbour Cafe

Appropriate themed bin to fit in that's an easy one - recycled empty (well before the trash at least) rum/ale/grog barrel.

Love those bottles they have come out really well, they have that exotic liqueur look to them perhaps a small faded label on one might be a nice touch.

3 days to go hope you get there in time would love to see this one finished

Well, I think I'm almost done. I've added labels to the bottles, made using small pieces of paper and painted with watered down wash

Image: 20140629112556

I then added rust to the metal on the building

Image: 20140629112627

Image: 20140629112639

Image: 20140629112649

Image: 20140629112711

Image: 20140629112724

And finally I positioned the bottles, mugs and map on the tables

Image: 20140629112805

At the moment I'm wondering if there's enough rust or too much rust and I feel like there's something missing due to the gap to the shore side of the building, but I can't think of anything to put there at the moment. Deadline tomorrow and I'm going to be at work all day then on call in the evening so not got a lot of opportunity to add anything else to this but I think it's pretty much there.

Not long to go before the final entry has to be submitted.

She's done and submitted, for once I actually remembered to add dims before submitting Laughing I know I'm not going to win though, I never win anything unless it's fancy dress Laughing plus there are much better entries already submitted Smile

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