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Needful Things

Another contest entry at the DM craft forum. The theme of the contest is Magic Shop. Materials were pink foam, foam board, crafting sticks, air dry clay (Das), clear plastic, tooth picks, balsa wood, various beads, and leftover bitz.

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw1.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw2.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw3.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw4.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw5.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw6.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw7.jpg

Image from http://eboncorazon.tripod.com/contest%20pics/veiw8.jpg

Now here is an interior to aspire to, thanks for sharing I might be forced to borrow a few little tips from this for some future projects I have in the pipeline

Very nice! What did you do for the windows? Are they hand made or purchased?

Thanks for the kind comments!

@Keldon - Borrow, steal use what you want. Razz

@asdel - They are from a company called Basicks Terrain - Fantasy windows B (1). They have several windows and even a door that look nice. They are cast in resin. Relatively inexpensive.

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