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Necromunda RetroTower

I have a long running project on the go - so I thought I would share here too.

As a long time Necromunda fan (you may have realized this already!) I love the look of the scenery, but my actual set was lost many years ago, and rather than re-buying it from Ebay, I have decided to scratch build them.

Now, it won't be an exact replica, just very similar for nostalgia value mainly!

The base structure

I'm going for one of the multi level 'towers' that came in the original boxed set - above are the pillars and one of the floors (in my excitement, I completely forgot to make the second floor Brick wall )

The RetroTower all put together

The RetroTower put together - any other Necro players will probably recognize the part I'm going for (although the original was 3 floors I believe)

RetroTower in use

A very quick shot showing the tower next to my original Silo (that I am currently re-making for the Old & Rust Comp) and a few minis (a converted DV Cultist and a Kroot)

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Started making the Pillars look more like the original bulkheads that came with the game.

Pillar and some Card

Just using some Cereal Packet card to give the bulkheads some detail.

Cardboard Bulkheads!

Cardboard Bulkhead nearly done

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Quick update - First pic shows what the build looks like with some of the bulkheads in place.

RetroTower with some Bulkheads

One of the Bulkheads with rivets

Second pic shows my riveting, that was one fun Friday evening I can tell you! Wink

Two riveted Bulkheads

Last one shows both the Bulkheads all Riveted

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Update - did some pre-shading on the Bulkheads - just used a black acrylic to go into all the lower lying areas.

Bulkheads with Pre-shade

Next, the Bulkheads undercoated with Burnt Sienna - the pic isn't that great, it looks like I've just covered up everything, but the pre-shade can still be seen.

Ignore the Rust Pile (Comp Entry) and yes, they are exactly the same base color - this pic they look very different)

Bulkheads with Undercoat

I'm having trouble uploading the next two pics - TG says thay cannot be located, no matter where I put them (I know they are there as I have uploaded them to YakTribe...hmmm...)

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Nevermind - Just realized that the next images come in at about 300k - so I'll amend them tomorrow to be under

Ok, the Bulkheads all stippled with a mix of red and orange... BUT in my haste to get them done, I completely forgot to put any warning signs on Brick wall So, i'll be adding some Graffiti instead...and hopefully, it'll look good! Smile

Stippled and ready for wash

...and the other side.

Stippled and ready too!

I've since washed them, I'll be drybrushing them and adding the graffiti in the morning.

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated)

The RetroTower Bulkheads washed and highlighted - wash was just watered down black acrylic, the highlight was GW Sycorax Bronze (over the more yellow parts) and GW Leadbelcher (over the more red parts) then GW Runefang Steel over the rivets and anything I hadn't done yet)

Washed and Highlighted

The view of the other side...ooh, what's that hiding down at the bottom there?

The other sid...hang on, whats that down there?

No sooner as I'm done, some Cawdor Heathen comes along and tags my handiwork! Laughing Close up of some graffiti - as it's a real close up it's easy to see the mistakes and bits I missed, but for gaming purposes it's fine.

Close up of the graffiti

C&Cs welcome (and appreciated!)

Looks great any chance of some details on how that lovely looking graffiti was done?

i like

wonderful grafitti, how did you do that Shocked

and great necromunda terrain Thumbs Up

Yes, of course.

The Graffiti was originally made using an online Graffiti Creator (Link and review is in the Resources section)
Printed out on normal A4 (I have access to a rather awesome laser printer at work) cut out and stuck on with PVA + Water mix. I then add some free hand work, like the drips of the paint running down and a bit more weathering over the top.


djmothra said:

The Graffiti was originally made using an online Graffiti Creator...

You could put this link in the Links section. Something like that could come in handy for a lot of people.

Tob said:

djmothra said:

The Graffiti was originally made using an online Graffiti Creator...

You could put this link in the Links section. Something like that could come in handy for a lot of people.

Great Idea, I have just added it and amended my above quote to advise going to the links section, thank you Tob Smile

Thanks for sharing the link, that's going into my stash of useful links will enjoy testing the versatility of that one. I think that's going to show up on my fuel dump WIP which should be coming soon.

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