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My first attempt at a contest here and while I'm happy with it I feel it might be a little too brown and my rust recipe might benefit from some stippled rich red colours. I welcome others thoughts and ideas

Hannahs Hammer
Love the variety of colour in the wildlife here the composition of the peice is great and implies great age very simply great work

Heap of junk
Another quality peice from you here love the nice little touches 'mushrooms, snake, etc. Great work


Great build here crisp lines and use of posters blending with the paint scheme to give a truely industrial feel and irrespective of real structural engineers comments I like the look of those beams, although the OSL could do with a little more blending at its edges and would suggest a little research on light effects in regard to spherical effect from point of origin (I struggle with OSL a bit too)

Jacks repair shed

Nice simple build here but perfectly executed, would loved to have seen more little details to lift this one further but a great building useful for so many genres of game


Awesome build in such a small scale fantastic work well worth the perseverance with the entry process a great first entry well done.


Interesting to see this one completed as this was what I originally planned to make for my office. Love the little touches on this one and your patience to paint the pebbles is admirable (and surpasses my own I think)

scrapyard A great entry, I loved the time and effort to make all the broken and disused cars, all the little easter eggs in this build are very nice to look at. The only thing that bothers me, it doesn't look very "Mega City One" though Smile

Hannahs Hammer An easy simple build that turned out very well - the little things like the leaves and the animal trail on the far side give a real "reclaimed by nature" look.

Heap of Junk A quick build entry for me - the mushrooms were especially fun to make, paint and place. Next time I make a build like this, I'll definitely use a Spray Primer as there are some places (that the pictures don't show) that I couldn't reach with a brush.

Silo My main entry - turned out much better than I expected - I did originally plan on having more posters on it, but soon discovered that there wasn't enough room! It was my first time trying out OSL and the 'water effects' though, and yes, I know they're not perfect.

Jacks Repair Shed Another reasonably simple build that excelled. I know there were some internal details, but I was hoping for the roof to come off and show everything inside!

Hedgerow The scratch built Traction engine was excellent, as were the general rust effects.

Tavern Loved the wooden parts on the Tavern, looked very old and weather beaten - the tables, looked good too, but have a distinctly different feel to them from the rest of it. Also, I'm not sure the Pirates (it must have been pirates right? there was a treasure map!) would have left unopened bottles of grog on the tables! Laughing

Good work everyone, and good luck!

scrapyard The rust of the crane looks quite convincing, more so that the rusting walls. They look a little too red to my eye. The cars look just smashed up enough, and it looks like a good game piece with lots of places to take cover.

Hannahs Hammer This is the my favorite rust of all of these. It blends in just perfectly. The forth picture in particular sells it.

Silo Overall my favorite piece, due to the careful layering of textures and details. All the surfaces seem covered, and the variation of colors in the rust particularly appeal. I like the object source lighting.

Jacks Repair Shed The shape and materials choice are prefect, but the rust seems a little too orange, too pale to me--maybe sneak a bit more texture in with a bit of ruddy brown. I googled up some images wondering whether more rust on the roof would have made sense, but based on the highly random selection I found, rust happens everywhere on buildings like these. I also like the way the dust has covered the signs--convincing.

Hedgerow Excellent details, I see why you're entering in two competitions. The rust looks good although monotone. These objects have been rusting for a very long time. The bocage is nicely overgrown and wild looking, better than a lot of foliage clump bocage.

Tavern What I love about this is not the rust, which is fine, but the raw metal. Lots of different tones of metal, nicely shiny. Excellent minor details transform from a ruined shack into a rough and ready tavern.

Thanks DJMothra. I'm afraid there were not as many interior details as I would have liked. I will be taking the roof off and adding details for the Finest Five competition and some that will be too big to enter that competition (like a lift rack).

Please stay tuned.


asdel, you missed the Junk Pile!

Elderac, ah - I get ya, looking forward to seeing the shed really finished then Smile

Last 4 hours of voting - good luck everyone I think each entry deserves to be classified as a winner as they all exhibit enormous levels of skill and ingenuity, I consider myself lucky to be judged on a par with such skill. Applause Applause Applause Applause

Congrats to cprljohnivey on a well deserved win

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