For this competition I would like to offer the following challenge:

To build a redoubt that would be used as the "Last Stand".

This would be some sort of temporary fortification thrown together as a last ditch attempt by defenders to survive an attacking enemy. Think of the question of what you would do if all the odds were stacked against you and you had to build a makeshift temporary defence against an imminent attack.

Examples: I'm thinking here in terms of famous last stands such as...

Thermopylae, 480 BC - the bodies of the Persians (at least if you believe the film!)

General Custer at the Little Big Horn, 1876 - horses, baggage, fallen trees and perhaps supply wagons

Pioneers crossing America by wagon train, 1830 - 70s? - circled wagons and perhaps the contents of their baggage used as barricades.

Rorke's Drift, 1879 - walls made of bags of grain and overturned wagons (I love that bit in the film when the priest thinks that the wagons are being given to him to take the wounded out only to see them turned over to form the barricade!)

Hacienda CamarĂ³n, 1863, last stand of the French Foreign Legion in Mexico (ruined Hacienda with (possibly) defences strengthened by water butts, boxes, wagons [again].

Imgen River, Glorious Glosters, 1952, fox holes and trenches, barbed wire (?), sand bags, fallen tree trunks etc.

Battle of Attlebro' High, Teachers vs Zombie kids. School desks, chairs, cupboards etc. OK this one hasn't happened yet but given the state of some of the kids it won't be long!

Size - doesn't matter but sufficient to be able to place, say at least 6 to 8 figures of your chosen scale within the redoubt.

Can't have: The redoubt must not be a ready-made fortification. So concrete bunker with quadruple linked plasma cannons is out, but if part of your redoubt consisted of a ruined house shored up with timber, fallen masonary etc that is fine. Also a line of armoured tanks is out, but if your tank was badly damaged and then had sand bags stacked on top and around it as a last ditch defensive line, that's OK.

You could also consider...
Rubble, rocks
Over turned cars
Burnt out trunks
Oil drums, pipes etc
Trenches, fox holes, barbed wire, more sandbags,
Crashed plane, spacecraft, boat, train, with stuff stacked on/around it for better defence.
Shell crater lined with even more sandbags.
Castle entrance that has been blown/burnt away but defenders have built makeshift barricade across it.

Also if doing a building interior it would have to show all the openings barricaded up with makeshift barriers etc, for example timber nailed to the windows, cupboards up at the doors etc.

Whatever you decide on is OK provided it can be man-handled into place to create the fortified defensive line. Doesn't matter whether its western, historical, modern or sci-fi (Ork barricades do look good with all those spikey bits).

Would the redoubt built by the Continentals before the Battle of Bunker Hill work for this, or is that too pre-planned for what you had in mind?


Hi Elroy,

I've looked at a few images of the redoubt at Bunker Hill and some show it with barricades of branches rolled into bundles, timber cut and stuck into the ground while others show cut stone walls that look like part of a fort.

So I'm guessing reality may be something of a combination of the two, perhaps extending an existing fortication with makeshift pieces man-handled into place.

So if your model exhibits more man-handled bits than parts that were a pre-existing structure that would be fine.



Nice theme. Somebody should do a snow fort.

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