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Cottage for a Wedding

I've been away from the hobby for a long time, real life and all. Any way my daughter has grown up and got married! Which is what brings me back here.

So a couple of months back my Daughter tells me that she was going to buy a dolls house to serve as a post box for guests to put their cards into at her wedding. I've wanted to make a country cottage for a long time and even though the scale is a little bigger that I'm use to I suggested that I could make one for here.

So here it is.

Image: 20140819000131

Seen here on the table at the wedding. My Daughter made the cake and my Grandmother made the table cloth, which was also at my wedding.

The House took me about a month to make working on it every night for I 1/2 to 1 hour most days. Most of the structure is made from three gift boxes which were about the size of a large shoe box. The tiles on the roof were made from cereal box cardboard. The walls were textured with a mix of powdered wall filler and white glue which was dabbed on with a large brush. The whole thing was painted, washed with a thin black mix and finally dry brushed with white to highlight the texture.

I do have some working pictures around somewhere, but don't have access to them at the moment. Any way I have to say that this is possibly the most satisfying build I've done. Funny how a silly hobby can actually come in handy for use in real life.

Thanks for looking.

That's great! I love "dollhouse" scale. It's a lot of fun to have the space to put in extra details. My daughter and I built her a dollhouse back when she was six (she's 18 now, headed to college tomorrow). Not only was it a great bonding project, I was also able to try my hand as scale electric work by installing working outlets and light switches.


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