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Circular Earthworks

For this competition, I am going to make a circular earthwork with sharpened stakes, the rough design is thus

Image: 20140831153713

There will be rocks positioned in and around the embankments, which will be made out of clay with bamboo skewer ends for the stakes.

I started by marking positions of eight standard sized (1 cm) square based models and joined the furthest out edges to mark the limits for where the models can position themselves.

Image: 20140831154959

Next I marked a circle around this with a rougher circle around the edge for the positioning of (roughly) where the embankment will sit, I will probably make it thicker and more substantial than the rough markings. I then cut out and bevelled the base and positioned some aquarium rocks with PVA glue.

Image: 20140831155414

Once the glue is dry I will start building up the bank and insert the stakes whilst the clay is still wet.

Hi Lahmianvampyrevenom,

How's it going with your circular earthworks? Just wondering if you had managed to do anymore to it recently. I've been looking forward to what comes next. Surprised



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