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Wizards Tower Pen Holder

A small build which was designed for trying to get some of my students interested in model making - as well as doubling as a useful bit of classroom equipment / scenery.

Wizards Tower Pen Holder WiP Thread

The Tower has been made for 30mm Wargaming in mind and would look great on a Warhammer Battlefield or perhaps in Mordheim.

The Tower from the front

The Tower from the back

The Roof is removable and has room inside for Pens and Pencils - here you can see 3 standard Whiteboard Markers

The Tower is use

Some closeups of the base detail.

Mushrooms, some dead grass and a dead vine still clinging to the side.

Base details

Another mushroom and a battered old Knights Shield - with the School logo on it.

More base details

Many thanks for looking - C&Cs welcome

This is excellent. I'm in school to become a teacher and I may just have to steal your idea one day!

Steal away! Smile

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