Hey all! Been a long time lurker here and have finally had inspiration to take part in a competition. Saw the criteria and thought that it would be a good chance to do a terrain piece that I had an idea for. My idea is hilltop that has been reinforced to allow a lone group the best chance to survive. I am a fan of Dwarves so planned this around a cannon being able to position themselves with the best view possible, but still defensible if the battle turns against them.

Image: 20140907174551
This is the base of my hilltop. I have found that chunks of bark make the best rock faces with the least amount of work. And because it is a natural material I find that it mimics real life surprisingly well. Base is made from 6mm MDF. Cut the shape and then took my knife and bevelled the edges a bit. For the next step I built up the hill top like a topographic map and then filled with filler so I wouldn't have a huge filler blob to wait to dry.

Image: 20140907174618
Here I have the base pieces all assembled and glued and filled to smooth out. This is viewed from the front. The barricade is one of the walls from the Warhammer Box set Battle for Skull Pass with some modifications. Some Other Dwarf shields and some bundles of sticks and shields to fill in. The small rocks on the side of the buildup were made with portland cement powder. (Mixed it up with some water and let it harden in a container. Then after dried broke them up and let them cure for a few days.)

Image: 20140907174919
And this is the view from the back. Figured the hilltop undisturbed would be covered in grass, and then with the reinforcing and build up the trops would have mucked it up. The smooth sections of filler and the ramp I plan to have a muddied look, hence the "wagon" or "cannon" furroughs in the mud.

Image: 20140907174941
Here I have the front view with the hilltop touched up and basecoated black

Image: 20140907175024
Back view basecoated black.

Got more pics on the way. Will post a bit later.

Wingtail said:

The smooth sections of filler and the ramp I plan to have a muddied look, hence the "wagon" or "cannon" furroughs in the mud.

Do Dwarves use limbers?

This is looking really nice so far. I like the ruts, and I expect to see some pooled water in there later. The combination of scratch-built natural stuff with the premade model bits is seamless.

This will look great once painted and everything. Nice job!

Correction from my first post. I used 3mm(1/8") MDF not the 6mm(1/4") stuff for the base. Not major I know but makes a difference for any people newer to the hobby wanting to try using mdf to base.

Image: 20140908021416
Frontview of the hilltop with drybrushing and solid colours done.

Image: 20140908021453
Backview of the hilltop with drybrushing and solid colours done. I really like how the pools of mud have turned out so far. Will probably have to touch up at the end but that's to be expected.

Image: 20140908021526
Frontview of hilltop with some of the buildup.

Image: 20140908022929
Backview with some of the buildup.

Image: 20140908023201
Sideview to show layout a bit better.

Now I got a bit more work to do to finish the fortifications and then I can tackle the Snow. Yeah that's right, snow. ;o)

Hi Wingtail,

That is looking like a really nice terrain piece. Can't wait to see the snow on it! Applause



Aww Crap. Missed the deadline. Had a lot going on at work in the last week. (Good things but very time consuming). Never got a chance to "snow" my piece. At any rate. Sorry I didn't get to submit. Best luck to those who did. Till the next competition.

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