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Road Kill Corpses 28mm (Limited Edition of 80 figures)

Available from July 23rd to October 31st, 2014 then discontinued.

Online store

Download the three page flyer showing all 80 figures at ACTUAL SIZE, and price list.
3 page pdf catalog
I’ve spent the last year finishing off one of several projects. Road Kill started off years ago as 30 sculptures that never went into production until now and the range has ballooned into an 80 figure set. The set is the best value. However, I understand miniature enthusiasts love to pick-n-choose so I’m offering singles too. Any quantity because I’ll cast whatever is needed before the discontinue date. Some minis as cheap as 25 cents each with the vast majority in the $1 to $2 range. This is the only release I will have in 2014. I’m semi-retired and don’t want to obligate myself to doing this full time anymore.

The figures are 28mm scale, cast in white metal (tin alloy), unpainted, with a flat rate world shipping rate of $10, Paypal accepted, and a minimum order of $15 or more.

Sky view of complete set

Group of Farm animals

Salvage Crew Workbench updates

With less than 30 days remaining, The Salvage Crew Kickstarter and Road Kill Corpses limited edition set will be ending on the last day of this month. As of this posting, the project has over 160 supporters. Check out the “UPDATE” section where I will be posting workbench images of molds and casting production of the more than 27 science fiction 28mm metal figures you can receive when you pledge $30.

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Image from http://www.megaminis.com/MEGA/SalvageCrew/FORUM-workbench-SC.jpg

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