Hill with dragon skeletonAndy Skinner shows how a bit of imagination can turn a basic styrofoam construction craggy hill into a centrepiece.

This is how Andy did it: The hill is two layers of blue foam insulation, carved with a foam cutter and (mostly) a knife and painted a flat interior gray for the rocks and green where grass would be. There is a black wash in the cracks of the rocks, though I'm not sure how well that turned out. Looks good if I don't look too hard. I also drybrushed the edges of the rocks with a very light gray, and that really did help. There are a couple of pebbles glued on here and there and painted, too. I flocked the grass areas.

Dragon hill with Epic Land RaiderThe skeleton is a Ral Partha Dracolich--one from a blister pack, not the expensive model they have in a box. I removed the pelvis and 4 legs and clipped the backbone into sections, drilling out a spinal area in the exposed ends. I painted it ivory and gave it a brown wash. It bent pretty well, even after being painted, and I got it in a good position on the hill and glued it there. I gave it a flat sealer spray, though I wish I had done it with a couple of much lighter coats--there is a hint of gloss to the rocks, but not enough to really bother me.

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