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Cardboard Ruins - Part 4

Having textured our ruin in the previous part of this article, we will now add a sand texture to the bases and paint the buildings.

Sand Textured Base

A rough sand base looks more or less like small rubble, is easy to apply, very durable, and paints quickly with dry brushing techniques. Start by brushing a thin layer of PVA glue over the entire base and add a generous layer of sand. Also add the glue/sand texture on floors or any other areas you want to use it. Pat the sand down lighlty with your hand and then gently pour off the excess. Let this dry for about 1 hour and then tap the bottom of the building while holding it up-side-down to release any loose sand. The final step is to coat the sand with a layer of 50/50 water and PVA glue mix to seal the sand texture.

Apply Sand Apply Sand Apply Sand


PaintThe first step, and most tedious, is to give all your buildings a solid, dark undercoating (black in this case). This can be sped up by using spray paints but these need to be used outdoors and can take overnight to dry properly. Even with the spray paint it it hard to get into all the little nooks/crannies and you may need to touch up with brush-on paint. A tip for getting the paint into all the tight spaces is to thin the paint with plenty of water.

Once the base coat is completed the painting goes quite quickly because from now on it's all dry brushing. The first color, dark grey, is heavily dry brushed over the black undercoat. In the picture on the right you can see a wall with a black undercoat and then in the picture below (left) what a wall looks like after the dark grey has been applied.

The next step is to follow up with a light grey drybrush (below right)at which point the texture really starts to stand out.

Paint Paint

Cardboard Ruins - Part 4One final painting detail I did on these buildings was to add scorch marks. This is done by carefully drybrushing black paint in limited areas on the ruins.

The last task (optional) is to spray the buildings with some acrylic matte sealant to protect the buildings during gameplay.


In the image below my Skaven warband search amongst the ruins of Mordheim. The three example buildings constructed in the course of this article are shown in the foreground with additional cardboard ruins in the background.

Cardboard Ruins - Part 4

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