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Ork Encampment

Ork CampThis is just a short project, because I cheated and used some commercial card buildings. This is really an exercise in making the best use of commercial card and resin terrain pieces.

These two Ork/Orc buildings had been kicking around in my Club for months. They are commercial card buildings, and they were rarely used. They just didn't seem to inspire anyone. So I jazzed them up a bit...

The buildings were originally two separate cardstock constructions. They were kits, but you could easily make similar ones following the instructions elsewhere on this site. I started by arranging them in an interesting position with one of the doorways facing outward. Then I based them on strong MDF. An encampment was made by adding a wall of strong corrugated cardboard from a packing case. I sealed the raw top edge of the wall with gummed brown paper. A battlement of cardboard was added to match that on the top of the buildings. I pinched my wife's pinking shears (dressmaker's scissors that cut ina zig-zag pattern) and cut the battlement out of thick cardboard. The planking efect was made by just scoring the card deeply with a sharp point.

The gateway is made from balsa-wood timbers. The gates are also balsa-wood, hinged with a pin hinge (see GorkaMorka Fort 1 for an example of a pin hinge).

Ork EncampmentI painted the new walls with textured paint of a similar colour to the original buildings. The base was covered in sand, painted in thin Snakebite Leather and then drybrushed with light brown. Static grass, field grass clumps and Games Workshop's plastic palm trees were used to finish it off.

I occasionally get emails from people asking if card terrain is worth buying. Well, on the whole I think that it is good value. However, a little bit of effort in basing and finishing makes it look so much better. And if your card buildings have raw cardboard showing at the edges and corners you'll find that colouring them in black or a matching colour to the walls with paint or a felt-tip pen improves their appearance no end.

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