Ork FortWhat aspiring Warboss wouldn't want a fort like this?

This fort is a basic foamcore construction - please refer to the techniques section for the details of this method. On this page I'll concentrate on the finishing touches and details for this model.


In addition to the materials for the foamcore construction I also used:

  1. An empty baked bean can
  2. Lentils
  3. An empty shampoo bottle
  4. Balsa wood
  5. Tamiya oil drums


The fort building is made using foamcore construction as in the techniques section. Use a figure to get the size that you want for the doors and walls.

The fort has a coating of PVA glue and sand and is then painted bleached bone with white highlights. The tops of the walls have been made into a round shape with air-drying clay.

Orky frunt dor...nok nokThe door and barricading around the porch is made from balsa wood. Don't bother to cut the wood into strips - just carve the planked effect into a sheet of wood. Paint bestial brown, dry brush light brown, and push small nails through. Use the hook from a hook and eye or a pin with a round head for a door handle.

Da Orky Boyla...The boiler is made from a shampoo bottle. The lid of the bottle becomes the pressure dial with a bit of coiled, brightly coloured wire added. The cap of the boiler is a Citadel paint pot lid. Add strips of paper to make straps and lentils for huge orky rivets! The chimney is made from the bits inside a cheap ballpoint pen...or maybe it was a felt-tip pen.

The round water tower is made like the rectangular tank with a bean can that had had lentils for rivets added. A 'patch' of cardboard and rivets has been added. It is sprayed black and drybrushed with silver or chainmail and then washed with watered down black ink or paint. Bash the tin about a bit first if you like!

Add some paper plants and trees to complete the effect. The oil drums are Tamiya 1/32 scale military accessories...a bit big, but then Orky oil drums must be HUGE!

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