ArcheotechArcheotech is the remains of once sophisticated technologies which occasionally turns up in the underhive. Gangers will salvage these finds for bits and pieces which may range from strange and enigmatic remnants from a now forgotten age to rare weapons, equipment and gadgets.

Once found, archeotech must be handled carefully - any rumour of hidden treasures may bring a rush of gangers and speculators who will strip the find of anything remotely useful. This page describes one way of making archeotech and supplies stashes. In games these may be used as the property of a gang to be protected, as undiscovered stashes to be found and won, or as simple cover to break up lines of sight. Scenarios could be developed to utilise your archeotech terrain and those of you with Renegade Ratskin gangs may want to develop a scenario where the gang, which regards archeotech as sacred, has to protect it from greedy imposters.


  1. For archeotech items you need to start a collection of interesting, 'techy' bits and pieces. Never allow a household gadget to be thrown away before you have taken your screwdriver to it! Circuit boards, battery compartment covers, tape transports from answering machines and cassette recorders, broken toys - especially sci-fi toys...springs, bolts anything!

  2. Thick card, such as picture mount card (ask a picture framing shop for off cuts)

  3. Yellow and black 'necro-style' stripes - cut strips from your gang box or print some out on a colour printer


  1. Cut the card to the size of stash or hoard you want.

  2. Glue the bits and pieces you have collected onto the card with super glue

  3. Spray the whole thing black

  4. Dy-brush the items with metallic paints

  5. Tidy up the cardboard base with black paint

  6. Glue a band of black and yellow stripes around the base as a border

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