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Supplies Stashes

Supplies StashesSmall packing cases and supplies stashes are very useful pieces of terrain. They can be the focus of a take and hold mission or just add a bit of cover and realism to an otherwise open space.


  1. I make my supplies stashes out of electrical components salvaged from dead circuit boards. You will find capacitors that look like storage drums, transformers that are plain box shapes and all manner of gadets and bits and pieces. Just be sure the circuit board is totally dead before touching it.

  2. Thick card, such as picture mount card (ask a picture framing shop for off cuts)

  3. For Necromunda some yellow and black 'necro-style' stripes - cut strips from your gang box or print some out on a colour printer.


  1. Supplies StashesCut the card to the size of stash or hoard you want.

  2. Glue the bits and pieces you have collected onto the card with super glue

  3. Spray the whole thing black

  4. Paint the boxes and containers in dull colours and highlight the corners. Use Imperial decals for labels, or draw some in a graphics program and stick them on

  5. Tidy up the cardboard base with black paint

  6. Glue a band of black and yellow stripes around the base as a border

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