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Gothic Window

Gothic WindowZec Vigil, also known as Rogviler on the forum, sent me two nicely detailed projects for making doors and windows. We'll start with the window.


  1. Matt board (thick card, picture framing card)
  2. Fine mesh (eg insect screen mesh, car repair mesh)
  3. Foamcore
  4. Wedding cake pillar


This project all started when I saw a nice looking window in an old WH40k rulebook and decided to try making one myself. First I marked two larger window openings and a smaller one at the top, using a good old ruler and compass, on some matte board. Then I cut them out and used that as my template for the next window layer, since it would automatically make the openings smaller, and I wanted that stepped effect. You can probably figure it out if you try it (in other words because you are drawing inside the opening of your first window, the next one will be slightly smaller and so on - Gary).

In my (really bad) drawing, you can see how the layers go together:

Gothic Window

First the piece that goes on the outside of the finished building, which is a little larger in the outer perimeter than the rest, and also it has one large opening in it. Basicly this piece is just to hold the whole window in place and to finish off the outside. Next comes layer

#2, pretty straight forward. (Keep in mind that layer #2 and #5 are the same.) Then put in a layer of wire mesh, or you could put a stained glass piece here too. Then #4 which doesn't have a window at the top, just a hole or a clover or a moon or whatever you want. Then #5 and #6, then paint it and you've got yourself a nice window. #6 is slightly smaller on the outer perimeter than the rest. I also put some lines here and there with my X-acto to represent different stone sections.

Gothic WindowSo, I guess you need something to put the window into, so get out your foamcore and start hacking. I decided to make my building concrete on the outside and stone on the inside. (you need two layers to fit the thickness of the window) Your inside window hole should be the size of layers 2-5, and your outside window hole should be the size of layer #1.

When you're done with that, put the whole thing on some masonite and you're ready for details. For the pillar I just used one from a wedding cake, chopped it in half and filled the hollow inside with joint compound. The trim under the window is just a strip of matte board with wood dowel on top, with X-acto lines again.

The floor is matte board with a checkerboard pattern cut into it. For the rubble I used (of course) kitty litter and also some larger gravel from the driveway. For the stone inside, the pillar and the floor, I painted it first with a lighter color, then I covered it with thinned down paint that was quite a bit darker, and while it was still wet, I dabbed it off with a kleenex. It gives a nice marbled effect, though it's hard to see the purple floor in these pictures. I also added a G.I. Joe missile, some odds and ends from model kits, etc. Some of it is hard to see, but trust me, it's there.

Gothic WindowSo much for the inside, now for the outside. Everybody always askes me about the statues. Well, for this you're going to have to get a ball of clay, the oily kind that doesn't dry, and go at it with some tooth picks and pencils and whatever else you'd like to carve with. After you've done a suitably creepy sculpture, get something to make the mold with. I suggest a latex mold maker, because if you use plaster it won't work as well (if at all). Then fill your mold with plaster of Paris or I used Durham's water putty for mine. Basically wall filler. If one breaks when you take it out of the mold, so what, it's a ruin after all. That's exactly what happend to me.

For under the statues I wanted something that looked like lights or places for fires or something, so I used the top off of some contact lense stuff, which I cut in half.

That's about it. If I missed anything, don't hesitate to ask me about it by email (see bits and pieces menu) or on the forum.

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