Ork StompaMaking large models like this Stompa has a lot in common with terrain building. After all, stompas and titans are basically mobile gun emplacements.


  1. 2" Styrofoam (polystyrene) to build the basic body shape

  2. Corrugated plastic or cardboard

  3. Various tubes and pipes

  4. Plastic medicine pots

  5. Thick card and lentils

  6. A Games Workshop gubbinz bag, or an alternative collection of wheels and armour plates


Stompa chasisThe basic shape of the Stompa was first cut from four layers of styrofoam. These were fixed together with PVA glue and wooden cocktail sticks (toothpicks).

Stompa sizeI judged the size of the Stompa by looking at the Epic scale model, and scaling it up to 40K size. This picture shows the Stompa next to some Ork Boyz and a converted trukk. It stands about 12 inches high and is 9 inches wide across the bottom.

Belly GunThe belly gun was made from three plastic and cardboard tubes glued inside each other and then fixed into a cutout in the Stompa's belly. The whole of the body is covered with corrugated plastic fixed in place with a hot glue gun. The 'skirt' around the bottom is the packing tray from a box of test tubes.

The corrugated plates covering the body are the same material as the 'skirt' but squashed out flat. Lentils are stuck on for rivets. I switched to cardboard plates here and there to add variety. The feet are styrofoam blocks covered with cardboard and gubbinz-bag wheels were glued on to make the 'toes'.

The big zappa for the right arm is two plastic containers glued together. The front one was a small measuring pot, and the rear the top from a can of squirty aerosol cream. A capacitor complete with its connecting wire was glued on the front and a ring of gubbinz-bag wheels added.

Ork StompaThe shoulders were fashioned from styrofoam and covered with cardboard. The head, similarly, is just a styrofoam block covered with cardboard plates and lentil rivets. The necklace and eyebrows are armour plates from a gubbinz bag, and the eyes are plastic tubes. The right arm, which has a giant chain-saw and triple blasta, was made from cardboard tubes and foam card. The saw is two pieces of foam card with a layer of thick card in the centre. The saw teeth are cut out of the centre card layer.

Rear of stompaThe back of the Stompa has a few engine details and a door. The door is cardboard and lentils. The engine is a scrap trukk chassis, some capacitors, a medicine pot, some plastic tubing and an old spring.

Painting and finishing

Once constructed the whole model was covered in slightly watered down PVA glue to seal it and protect the styrofoam from the corrosive action of the aerosol spray I was going to use.

Everything was sprayed with a coat of Citadel black undercoat. I then used my now standard orky vehicle painting technique. First, a layer of boltgun metal is brushed on leaving a reasonable amount of black showing. When dry, wash all over with chestnut ink diluted 50:50 with water. When dry, apply red ink (not paint) to any areas that you want to colour. The result is a sort of crude, metallic red finish that I quite like. Finally touch up any details with bright silver and add runs and stains of neat chestnut wash here and there. I had intended to paint black and yellow stripes on the chain saw and have an ork driver peeping out of the belly hatch, but they remain to be finished.

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