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Modular Terrain - Part 3

At this point we had 12 modular boards covered with sand and sealed with a further coat of PVA. The river surface was still bare chipboard, and the craggy rock surfaces had been coated with PVA to toughen and seal them.

Painting and Drybrushing

Modular Terrain - Part 3The sanded surfaces were given a coat of household matt green emulsion (latex) paint. I took a pot of Goblin Green to the paint merchant and chose a colour close to it. We used a little under 1 litre, thinned slightly to help it penetrate into the sand.

The edges of the boards, which normally push together, were also painted green. This makes the joins less noticeable. Once the emulsion paint had dried we drybrushed the surface with light green (Goblin Green in white) and small amounts of yellow here and there, especially around the river banks to give a more lush appearance.

Crag facesThe crags were painted dark grey and then drybrushed with a mid-tone grey, and finally very pale grey/white.


We did three things to break up the monotony of the green surface and produce a more natural look:

Static grass patchesFirst, we added patches of static grass here and there. Just spread some PVA glue and sprinkle it on. When it has dried most of it can be swept up and reused. This picture also shows the variety of colours that we drybrushed onto the green sand surface.

Modular Terrain - Part 3We added long grass and rushes made from hairy string (which was untwisted and stained green), and pan-scrubber hedges. Finally, we added an area of woodland made from pipe-cleaner trees

Other Features

The river was painted and detailed in exactly the same way as my sectional rivers project. Ryan made a hump-back bridge from a basic polystyrene shape covered with filler and with a brick pattern carved into the surface. The bridge was not fixed in place just sat on the board for ease of storage. Games could also be played with just a ford by removing bridge. The pond was painted and detailed as for my pond project.

As for the track: we had filled the shallow path of the track with fine gravel and sealed it in PVA glue, as we did for the sand. This was then sprayed black (before we started painting the boards green) and drybrushed up in various shades of brown.

And Finally...

Modular Terrain - Part 3

I have cheated a bit, of course, and dropped a photograph of the Cumbrian mountains behind the terrain boards. But I'm sure you can make out the edges of the boards without any difficulty. My modular castle stands along the back edge of the board.

Check out the final part of this article for a selection of close up images.

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