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Trade Federation Outpost 34

Trade Federation Outpost 34Although Aardvark22 tells us that this was his first 'proper' terrain piece, it is fairly clear from the superbly painted RoboGear Spider in the corner of the picture to the right that he already had some experience with other types of model making. He also confessed to having made a few rocks and trees. Other factors in his success with this piece are that:

a) he took inspiration from a piece that he'd seen elsewhere.

b) he spent a good while thinking about how he was going to do it and gathering the necessary bits.

c) He then asked on our forum for advice about things he still wasn't sure of.

In short: he did his research and we think you'll agree that it paid off.

Another noteable thing about this piece is the number of found items that have been used i.e. bits of junk from around the house and from the rubbish bin at work. Take a look at these first three photos and see how many bits you can identify before scrolling down to read Aardvard22's description.

Trade Federation Outpost 34 Trade Federation Outpost 34

Trade Federation Outpost 34

The picture to the right shows the piece prior to cleaning up glue dribbles and painting. (I'm not a big fan of the hot glue gun but superglue just wouldn't work on that plastic). This picture makes it a lot easier to see some of the bits that were used.

The blue box is an electrical junction box and the black ribbed bits are from a razor handle (the old school Gilette Sensor). The antenna is actually the "lead" piece from inside the handle (I always wondered what gave them their heft). The coloured bits inside the black parts are plastic drinking straws.

The garage door an off-cut of some plastic sheeting that we use to line the shelves of soda pop at the grocery store where I work. It's ribbed to make the bottles slide easier. The nicks in it are meant to be the typical dings and dents you see in those corrugated steel doors.

Either side of the door are pieces of plastic clothes pegs, one of which has a 'control panel' made from bits off a circuit board. The pipes are made from sprue. The cool barrel thing next to the door is an anchor for screwing into concrete while the barrel behind it is a component from the circuit board.

Other things that you may, or may not, have spotted in the other pictures are the metal bit from the centre of a 3.5" floppy disk and some 'press-stud' fasteners.

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