Vent StackAfter seeing Space Hulk terrain made from gutter pipes, Hank Cowdog checked out his local plumbers merchant and found the drainpipe elbow bend that he used for this piece.

The piece was built as an entry for the 15cm/6in base competition and represents a ventilation stack to allow air exchange between the surface and a subterranean factory/hive.

Vent StackIn addition to the requirement implied by the competition's title, a further requirement was the use of a toilet roll tube and Hank observed that if squashed into an 'oval shape' he could fit two sections into the end of the elbow bend. The tricky bit was to hold them in shape and Hank achieved this by cutting a former from foamcore. It took two tries and a lot of trimming to get it right.

An old CD was used for the base and various details were added to the structure including: the lid from a GW paint pot (hidden around the back), the tops from two saline solution bottles (on the sides) and two copper plumbing bends (also on the sides).

Vent Stack Vent Stack

After spraying with black primer, the piece was heavily drybrushed with grey latex house paint. Silver and brass Citadel paints were used for the details. The stripes were printed on a laser printer and stuck on, as were the 'signs'.

Vent Stack

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