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Storage Depot

Storage DepotSammo's Station Alpha 397, a storage depot for housing vehicle supplies, was constructed for, and won, our Containment Facility Competition in 2007.

As you can see, the building has a detailed interior and has been constructed such that the rear wall, and a section of the roof, can be easily removed to gain access.

The first of the two images below shows the metal chasis, salvaged from a computer printer, that was used as the starting point for this piece. In the second image we see it after the addition of walls and the beginnings of a roof which have been cut from sheets of foamcore.

Storage Depot Storage Depot

Storage DepotFurther pieces of foamcore were added to enhance the shape of the exterior and another piece from the printer was employed to create the majority of the roof (see the black part on top in the image to the right).

At one end of the building, sammo made a platform from Styrofoam and used a couple of inverted drinks cans as the basis for his fuel storage tanks. The cans were embellished with strips of card, and pieces of granny grating were used to create platforms. The image to the right shows the platforms prior to the applications of an edging made from card. In the centre of the platforms is a pressure hatch with a handle made from a dressmakers pop-stud.

At this point the foamcore areas of the building were coated with fine sand to add texture and then given a base coat of grey paint.

Storage DepotExterior detailing then began in earnest with addition of additional platforms, ladders and railings (all made from granny grating), pipework (drinking straws with pop-stud valves) and all manner of signs printed and applied in appropriate locations.

Further pieces of card were used to construct the frame for the main door way plus panelling for the door itself. (The door is removable). Windows were made out of plastic cut from a CD case and frames made from... guess what? Yup, more card.

Meanwhile, the interior was kitted out with an assortment of parts from sammo's bit box including electronics components, plumbing parts and pen tops. Tiles, made from squares of cereal packet card were applied to the lower floor area and painted blue, and a ladder (more granny grating) was installed to give access to the roof hatch. The control panel is a piece of circuit board and sammo has painted the surface mount technology components in various colours to make buttons. The screen was been printed from a design by fanghauser and can be found in TerraGenesis' resources section.

Storage Depot Storage Depot Storage Depot

Some larger pictures plus additional angles and close up images of this piece can be found in the Station Alpha 397 gallery album.

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