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Ideas for Criteria (2012)

well we have had one for transportation and objects in motion how about

'At rest'

critera along the lines of terrain showing people or objects at rest.

I throw these in as examples of the concept:-
a campsite
broken down vehicle
sleeping animals
aircraft refueling (aircraft itself would be the resting part as it aint flying)
graveyard (that would be eternal rest after all)
but there are a million more and no doubt other takes on the concept I have not initially sugested

yeah I know throwing myself in at the deep end here by suggesting something like that as a first post but I must say I have been scanning the archives and I love all of the entrys for the previous competitions. and I will be trying some of those techniques myself and prehaps one day you might see me throwing an entry in to the competition

Repurposing (or MacGuyvering)

Take something designed for one purpose, then alter it to perform another purpose. The repurposed design is a permanent structure, and has undergone severe alterations. A barn used as a garage is not repurposed. A barn converted into a wizard's observatory, complete with telescope protruding from a retractable roof would be a repurposed structure.

Here are some examples:

using the back axle of a truck to run a pulley system for a sawmill
airplane propeller used to create a windmill
fences made from upended marsden matting
destroyed Battlemech (with intact fusion engine) used as a local powerplant
An armour-plated old watertower converted into a defense tower
A lead-filled cannon used as a pile-driver (Mormon pioneers actually did this)
grain silo converted into a missile silo
reinforced airliner wing used as a bridge

Granted, this subject is easier with modern technology (turning motorized vehicles into other things) but there are some Fantasy applications:

magic spinning thing connected by wooden cogs to pump water.
dragon ribcage and spine used as a bridge (Skyrim, anyone?)
inverted boat hull used as a roof of a house
hunch of wagons piled together to make halfling-sized mansion
house made of a giant's boot

Here are some non-examples
Farmhouse used as a gangster hideout (it's still a dwelling)
Temple ruins with a bandit campground inside (needs significant structure alteration)
Sherman tank converted into a farm tractor (it's a vehicle, not a structure)

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