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Forum Terms of Use

The following terms of use are designed to make everyone's experience of the forums a pleasant and productive one. Breach of these guidelines may result in the removal of membership without notice.

1. Registered Membership is free and is required before you can post. You are required to supply a valid email address in order that you can receive personal messages from other members and, crucially, from the site administrator should there be any problems with your account. Your email address will not be published, given to anyone else, or used for advertising.

2. Members can also subscribe to get extra functionality.

3. The Administrator and Moderators may delete or edit posts on the forums at any time without notice.

4. Please post in the appropriate forum and use an informative subject line when creating a new topic e.g. use "How do I make stairs?" rather than just "Help needed". Use the off-topic forum for non-terrain related posting but even here, do not post links to offensive or adult related material or sites. TG is proud to be a family friendly site.

5. By posting text or uploading images to TerraGenesis you grant us permission to display that information on TerraGenesis and to archive it should we wish to do so.

6. You can upload images directly to TerraGenesis i.e. you do not need to use third party storage such as Flicker or PhotoBucket. However images are stored with maximum width and height of 640 x 480 pixels. While our upload mechanism is capable of resizing images is can fail if there is too much data. Consequently it is better to crop and resize your images before uploading.

7. Please Do not post any personal information (email address, home address, etc.) on the forums. Please use the Personal Messaging system if you want to exchange personal information with another member but realise that you do so at your own risk.

8. Suppliers and traders are an important part of our hobby and are welcome on the TerraGenesis forums HOWEVER we have restrictions regarding where "advertising" is allowed. Please also read our Advertising Policy.

9. The posting of links to blogs, websites, even personal ones, is regarded as advertising on TerraGenesis. Please read our Advertising Policy.

10. Please keep discussion friendly and follow the common principles of good etiquette. In particular:

a. Do not "troll", i.e. do not post comments for the specific purpose of arousing anger or ill will. Controversial commentary is okay, as long as the discussion remains civil, and should be made with a view to informing, assisting and encouraging.

b. Realize that trolls will emerge from time to time. It is an unavoidable part of existence on the Internet. Do not respond to their posts but bring the posts to the attention of a forum administrator or a moderator who will deal with them in an appropriate manner.

d. Realize that the membership of this forum is quite varied with active participants that range in age from early teens through retirement. Keep in mind that the responses you are reading from members can only be as informed as their life experience allows. Tolerance is a useful asset in this type of community.

e. Do not use profanity or obscenities. Remember that the forums are frequented by minors.

f. Do not use language which could be considered demeaning to one's race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, or physical/mental ability and/or attributes. Whether or not you personally consider a term to be offensive is irrelevant. If others may be offended by it, it is best avoided.

11. Do not use a username to represent yourself as someone that you are not. In particular:

a. Do not claim to be another registered member, or a person that other board users may recognize.

b. Do not employ 'sock puppets' (that is, using one identity to agree with or respond to something that you posted to the board using a different identity.)

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