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This document explains how to use Chat.

There are people in the chat room so why can't I see what they are saying?

When you go into the chat room the window is blank i.e. you can't see what was said before you went in there.

If you can't see any conversation taking place then it's probably because nobody is saying anything. Try saying hello and what you've said should appear in the chat window. If nobody responds it could be that they are away from their computers or looking at another screen.

Why is the message that says how many people are in chat incorrect?

The message at the top right of the page that says how many people are in chat loads as the page is loading and you are not actually 'in chat' until the page has finished loading. That check is made once and only once as the page is loaded, it does not update as people come and go. The same thing applies when this message appears on other pages of the site i.e. is shows how many people were in chat when the page loaded and does not update as they come and go.

Why can't I hear the sounds?

For the most part, the chat room uses Javascript and while many programing languages have a mechanism to make your computer go beep, the best we can do with Javascript is to insert an HTML <EMBED> tag into the page to play a .wav file as a 'background sound'. Not all browsers support the embed tag however it is mostly old versions of IE that don't. Another issue however is that your browser must have a plug-in to play .wav files.

You can find one of the sound files at:


If you follow that link and your browser shouts "Hello" at you then you should also be able to hear sounds in the chatroom.

Alternatively it may tell you that you need a plug-in.

Another possibility is that it might load up some other piece of software that you have to play .wav files. If this happens then you need the plug-in so that your browser can play the sound instead of having to load another program specially to do it.

If your browser plays the sound when you go to that link but you still don't get sound in the chat room then the problem is that your browsers doesn't support the embed tag. In that case the only option is to upgrade your browser (and install the plug-in).

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