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Competitions - Rules & Criteria

Terragenesis competitions are governed by various rules and criteria. The rules, which are listed below, apply to all competitions. The criteria are the requirements set by the Competition Organizer and include a theme and may include other requirements, such as the use or exclusion of specific materials. Entries must comply with all rules and criteria to be accepted into the competition.

Competition Rules

1. The winner of each competition gets the option to choose a theme for, and run, the next competition.

2. Entries must be constructed during the period of the competition i.e. you must not enter something that you made previously. You may include elements that were built previously but these may not be the 'crucial' element of the piece. For example, if the competition is to build a bridge you may build it over a river that you have made previously but you may not enter a bridge that you had already constructed by creating a river to go under it. The opposite would be true if the competition was to build a water feature.

3. Anyone intending to enter must propose their entry in a new thread and post work in progress shots (WIPS) and information prior to posting the final entry. Note that the idea of the competitions is to promote discussion on the forum so posting WIP and an entry at the last minute is not within the spirit of the competition.

4. After posting WIP (see 3 above) you should use the competition entry mechanism to submit your final entry. Note that voters will be judging the presentation of your work as well as the work itself and that in the case of a very poor presentation the Site Administrator will insist that the Competition Organizer does not include it. Post early and ask for help from other members if you need it.

5. Entries should give an indication of the size or scale of this piece. See additional notes below.

6. At the end of the competition, a vote will take place to choose a winner. The Competition Organiser may exclude entries which, in their opinion, do not meet their specified criteria. In the event of a tie, the Site Administrator will choose the winner from the tied entries.

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