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Competitions - FAQ

This document answers a number of questions about how Terragenesis competitions are run and should be read by anyone planning to enter. potential entrants should also read and abide by our competition rules

What Can Be Entered?

Can I enter X?
It is sometimes necessary to ask for clarification from the organiser but please remember before doing so that deliberate bending of the criteria is not within the spirit of the competitions. The organiser has already taken on a significant piece of work by agreeing to run the competition so please try not to make their job any harder than it needs to be.
You should also bear in mind that although the organiser can choose whether or not a piece is eligible for inclusion in the vote, he/she can't force people to vote it i.e. a piece that bends the rules may be ignored by the voters even if the organiser does allow it.

Can I use an old project as the basis of an entry?
It very much depends on what you have and what you intend to do to it, and every case will be different. Your best bet is to create a thread in the competition area with pictures of what you have and a description of what you intend to do to it. Note however that other members may be reluctant to openly state an objection so I suggest that you set it up as a poll or invite anybody who does object to PM the comp organiser. After about a week (to give people time to comment) the comp organiser should be in a position to give it the thumbs up (or not). Of course if you get approval you would then have to do what you'd said you were going to do or you might find that approval being withdrawn at a later stage.

Can I use a kit?
Provided that the Competition Organizer has not specifically stated that a kit must not be used then yes, you can use a kit. Bear in mind however that because TerraGenesis is mostly about making terrain from scratch, voters are much more likely to applaud your entry if the kit has been significatnly modified or enhanced rather than simply being built as it comes from the box.
You are also advised to draw attention to the fact that a kit has been used in order that voters do not get the impression that you are trying to hide something.

Can I make multiple entries?
Yes, but each one is judged independently i.e. if competitor A makes entries A1 and A2 which receive 5 votes each while an entry from competitor B gets 6 votes, competitor B will win; even though the combined total of votes obtained by A are higher, neither of his pieces has more votes than the piece submitted by B.

Are team entries allowed?
Yes, however the entry, archive, and organizing mechanisms are set up to work for one member only. Thus one member will have to act as the 'team captain' and it is they who will be credited with the win (if they win), and it is that member who will be invited to run the next competition.
Please make it clear that the entry is a team effort as failure to do so could be regarded as cheating.

Work In Progress a.k.a. WIP

Why do I have to post WIP?
The creation of a WIP thread with WIPS (work in progress shots i.e. images) are required in order to qualify and serve a number of purposes:

  1. It demonstrates to the Competition Organizer and other members that you are actually making the piece during the qualifying period.
  2. It gives us something to talk about by making comments and suggestions.
  3. It provides material that for the Site Administrator to use in the creation of articles for the archives.

How much WIP should I post?
Enough to satisfy the requirements above although different amounts will be needed for each. For example, you may not need to post much to convince the organizer that it qualifies but if you do not post enough to entertain members during the competition then you will probably miss out on some votes and are unlikely to have your work turned into an article.

What makes for a good competition entry summary?
The summary that you submit with your entry should do three things:

  1. It should bring any important points about your piece to the attention of voters who haven't been following, or haven't taken a good look at, your WIP thread. For example, we've had entries where an element of it looked very much like it was from a kit when in fact it was scratch built. If voters assume that a part of your piece is from a kit they won't be as impressed as if they are made aware that you actually made it yourself.

  2. It should provide information for the competition summary archive for the benefit of future readers who will not be able to go check out your WIP thread if they have a question about what they see in your picture(s). Look at your main picture(s) and think: what will people want to know about this piece? Concentrate on the more unusual aspects of your piece and avoid stating the obvious; but at the same time be aware that what's obvious to you isn't necessarily obvious to everybody else. Say too much rather than too little.

  3. Given some clear indication of size and/or scale.

How to specify scale/size?
Entries should give an indication of the size or scale of the piece. This may be done in a number of ways:

  1. Stating the length, width, or height of the piece, or some element within it e.g. "the trees are 3" tall". Note that you don't have to state all dimentions; just enough for the reader to understand how big it is.

  2. Stating the scale of the piece... in which case there needs to be something in the piece from which the dimensions can be estimate e.g. a standard sized figure (not a dwarf, giant, or monster), standard doorway, etc.

  3. Using, and stating that you have used, a standard sized component such as a ping-pong ball, standard CD, 1/4" balsa strip, etc. Note that the component must be easy to see in the finished piece and not hidden away inside it.

In order to avoid disappointment we recommend that entrants err on the side of caution by giving a little more information than is absolutely necessary.

Voting & Winning

Who can vote?
Competitions are judged by a vote and all registered members may vote, regardless of whether or not they entered.

What are the voting criteria?
Members use their own judgement when voting. Thus any individual bias will be of little significance to the outcome. Note that while the organiser has the option to exclude entries which have not met their initial criteria, individual voters should also consider whether or not THEY feel that the criteria have been met. Other factors that may be taken into consideration include: quality of finish, originality, inspiring use of materials and/techniques, usefulness of the finished piece i.e. playability, etc.

Can an organiser win their own competition?
Yes, however in this event the entrant who came second will be offered the opportunity to run the next competition.

What if I win but don't want to run the next competition?
In this event you should inform the Site Administrator who will then run the next competition.

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