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Competition Organizers have Moderator powers for the forum areas in which their competitions run. These notes are intended to make it clear to them, and to others, what those powers are and what the Site Administrator regard as appropriate use of those rights.

Please keep this in mind:

The phpBB software upon which the TerraGenesis forums are base was designed for use in different environments and for many different purposes. Here at TerraGenesis it is set up so that it is globally accessible and registration is 'automated' so anybody in the world can join and start posting without having to get permission from anybody. phpBB can also be set up so that people have to ask to register, even just to view posts. The point is that phpBB has features that are not appropriate on TerraGenesis. Just because phpBB has a feature does not mean we should use it. Just because a moderator has the ability to do something does not mean that it is right that they should. Keep that firmly in mind when using your Moderator powers.

Moderator Powers

Modertors have powers to edit, delete and rearrange posts in the forums for which they have Moderator rights. The idea is that they use these powers to make those forums easy to use.

Editing Posts

Moderators should be very careful when editing posts that they do not change the context of what has been said in the post itself or in posts that follow it. See 'Examples' below for more information.

Deleting Posts

You need to be careful of altering the context of what has been said in the following posts that may refer to it. You should also bear in mind that the person who posted it may not be too happy about you deleting their post.

Splitting Threads

Again you need to be careful about changing the context of what has been said.

Marking posts as Sticky

No real problems here. Use at your own discretion.


I have listed a number of examples of situations and how they should be dealt with. If there is anything that you are not sure of or a situation arises that is not covered then please ask me in a personal message.

Somebody posts trollish or offensive material

Do not even begin to deal with this yourself. Such offences can lead to a person being banned from the forums and I, as the Administrator, am the only person with the powers to do that. I need to see the evidence of their crimes. Contact me by personal message and bring it to my attention. I will deal with it in an appropriate manner according to the seriousness of the offence.

Somebody posts advertising

Again, tell me. I will most probably move the post to the appropriate forum and send the poster a warning. Repeated violations could lead to the poster being banned so again, I need to deal with it.

Somebody posts broken links (or images)

If there are no subsequent posts then use your editing powers to get the links working if you can. Put a little note at the end of the edited post (in italics) to say that you have edited the post to mend broken links. If you can't get the links working then delete them and put a note in the post (in italics) at the point where you deleted them, to say that you have done so. If there are subsequent posts that refer to the fact that the links are broken, be it a new post with correct links or a post from sombody else pointing out that they are broken, edit the links out of the original post and substitute a message (in italics) to say that you have removed them.

Somebody has made a spelling mistake

Ignore it unless it has a major effect on the post. Even with major mistakes it may be better to post a correction, or at least include a note to say that an edit has been made, than to do an 'invisible' editing job. If for example somebody posted that an event was to take place on the 23rd of March and then realised it was actually the 28th of May, it would be quite frustrating to those who had seen the original to come back and see that it no longer says what they felt sure that it had said.

Somebody has posted in the wrong thread.

It may be appropriate to split the thread. If you do this it might also be appropriate to leave some kind of a message to say what you have done i.e. where you have split it from and where you split it to. If the poster has realised their error and re-posted in the correct place then it may be appropriate to delete or just to ignore the incorrect one. If the post is completely off-topic for your forum then send me a personal message and I will move it to another forum area. Other actions may be appropriate.

I think by this point you will have got the gist of how I'd like to see your Moderator rights being used: to make your forums easier to use. Kicking butts is my job and this includes Moderators' butts. Moderator rights are a privilege that can and will be revoked if they are abused and once revoked, you will not get them back no matter how many future competitions you win. Don't be afraid to use your powers but if you have any doubts about what is the right thing to do in any given situation then send me a personal message. I'm on here 3 or 4 times a day so you won't have to wait long for an reply.

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