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How to write a Project Article

A project article will generally be the work of one person (unless perhaps the model making project itself was a collaboration) as it will describe how a particular model was constructed. Think of it as a "How I made..." article. Consequently there may be more than one project article on how to make a castle, bunker, etc.

How to write a Project Article

1. Begin by preparing your images and text ON YOUR COMPUTER. You should NOT post the article as a work in progress; finish it on your computer and THEN post the FINISHED review.

2. Be sure to use the "Project:" prefix.

3. Choose a title that describes your model. For example: a title such as "Orthanc - A Wizard's Tower" is better than just "Orthanc" (because not everybody knows what Orthanc is).

4. Begin with an image of the finished model. It's probably a good idea to finish the article by showing it again, or another image of the same model.

5. Aim to have a good balance between the number of images and the amount of text that you use. Have a look at some of the articles in our database to get a feel for this.

6. Remember that an article doesn't need an in depth explanation of every aspect of the construction; that's what the tutorials are for. It should however endeavour to answer any questions that readers are likely to want to ask about it.

After publishing your project article:

Because a your project article is YOUR article about YOUR work, other members will not be allowed to edit it, however you should keep an eye on any feedback that it receives for at least a couple of months.

If a member points out typos or other errors you should correct your original post and add a credit (at the end of the article) to the person who took the time to point them out.

Members may also ask questions or make suggestions that will prompt you to revise your article. Once again: credit them where appropriate.

It is my intention to give the creators of project articles the ability to delete responses after they have taken stock of them.


Please feel free to suggest amendments and/or additions (as well as pointing out errors) to this guide before folks get stuck into the business of writing project articles. Smile

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