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Barrels/oil drums

Barrel/oil drum on the cheap.

A completed barrel standing in front of an oil tank.

Cut a strip of paper 22mm wide and 210mm long (short edge of normal printer paper 80gsm) AMOS glue stick it around a AA battery, dont glue it to the battery, slide this tube off and leave it overnight to set, they are quite strong.

Barrel tubes are formed around an AA battery.

Mark 7mm in from each end and draw a line around for the wire, I BluTac a pencil to the desk and rotate the barrel to mark it.

Technique for marking the position of the rings.

I used solid core network/computer cable, strip off the plastic, wrap it around the battery to make two rings, use a tooth pick to drop super glue on the wire and draw it around to cover the whole wire.
PVA glue a 1mm wide strip of heavy green paper top and bottom
Use the same battery as a template to cut out two heavy card circular ends, make a small ring of PVA glue around the inside of the tube and carefully insert.

They easily squash if you want a damaged look.

A completed barrel with added damage.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Original Author: Bugbait_NZ
Technique: Bugbait_NZ
Photos: Bugbait_NZ
Spell Checking / Editing: Pendrake

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