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Heavy weapon turret

Finished Turret

Start with a picture for inspiration - Dawn of War computer game.

Dawn of War PC game

Sketch out what you want and then make a cardboard mock-up to make sure it looks right in scale and layout.

Mock up

Use the mockup as your template. I tend to use the template to position the cutting ruler on the sheet plastic rather than mark around the template with a pen. I used 1mm plasticard for the structure.
I tend to make the pieces too large and then file to shape once the glue has set.

Body ready for glueing

The weapon body is made from 6 bits of plasticard

qty 2 - 7mm x 15mm - 1mm plasticard
qty 2 - 6mm x 15mm - 1mm plasticard
qty 2 - 5.5mm x 15mm - 0.5mm plasticard

Glue the two 7mm high pieces together as the center, add a 6mm piece to each side, add then a 5.5mm peice to each side.

The barrel is made from a round section found on standard GW plastic sprue, carefully filed into shape

Weapon parts

Add enough small detail to look interesting without going overboard! (tricky)

Assembly complete

Paint it your favourite colour. This was heavily weathered with an artists sponge, first layer was black, secong layer of boltgun metallic making sure not to cover all of the black. Follow this by a light dirty wash made from mixing black, brown and green. They will make good objectives in any sci-fi game!

Base coat + first layer of weathering.

Finished examples

Tools needed
Steel rule
Sharp blade
Hole cutter to cut holes
Set of files

Materials used
1mm plasticard (.040 inch)
0.5mm plasticard (.020 inch)
unwanted plastic sprue

Plasticard cut method = scribe a line with your cutter and then bend and snap, sometimes you will need to deburr where the knife has passed as it can leave a ridge in the plastic.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Original Author: Bugbait_NZ, Jan 2013
Technique: Bugbait_NZ
Photos: Bugbait_NZ
Spell Checking / Editing: Kishkumen

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