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Advertising Banners on TerraGenesis

TerraGenesis currently gets over 5000 pages reads per day and the expenses incurred as a result of the bandwidth being used means that we need funding.

TerraGenesis operates a policy of allowing open discussion of suppliers and their products on its bulletin board. We also use our links section to link to other sites that we believe will be of interest to our readership. Relevant suppliers are also sometimes mentioned in the articles.

We have put together a package of "sponsored advertising" as described below.

What does it cost?

Just 40 UKP for 1 full year of exposure.

How would I pay?

We can accept payments via PayPal or by cheques in UKP drawn on a UK bank.

What do I get?

The main thing is the random insertion of your industry standard 468x60 advertising banner on 'random' pages across our main site.

We've allocated 100 'slots'. Each time a page is requested from our server it will insert the next ad in sequence. Given that we are currently serving over 5000 pages a day, each ad would therefore receive over 50 insertions per day. Currently, because we have not yet sold all of the 100 slots, it will receive even more.

Will my ad also appear on the forums?

Yes. However please note that the figure of 5000 pages per day that we quoted above is for the main site only. The forum currently gets over 1000 reads per day which equates to an additional 10+ daily insertions for your ad.

I see that you are also inserting adverts by Google?

Yes, we are display Google ads in a column under the left hand side menu on the forum and on some pages. Our sponsor ads go at the top right of our pages.

Does that mean that Google ad might appear on the same page as mine?

Yes it does. However the Google ads are text only and use a green font which makes them much less prominent than our sponsors ads.

Can I buy more than one slot?

You can buy up to 10 slots. The advantage of buying more than one is that it will increase the number of pages on which your ads appear.

Are there any other limitations?

Adverts should be relevant to our readership and site content. We will not accept 'off-topic' advertising.

The ads are standard .gif image files with dimensions of 468 x 60 pixels. They need to be stored on our server (you can email them to us as an attachment) and should be no larger than 100kb. The images should have a fairly obvious border. They MAY contain animations. We anticipate that advertisers will not want to redesign their advert more than once a month or need time critical changes to their ad.

Can you design the advert for me?

We're happy to give what assistance we can in creating your ad however if you want fancy graphics and animations then you'll be better off employing a pro ad designer.

What should I do next?

Please contact us via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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