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Gallery - Notes on Usage

Purpose of the Gallery

The TerraGenesis Image Gallery is intended for the long term storage of interesting and useful images of model terrain and relevant reference material. Work in progress images may be included if they show something that is likely to be of particular interest to others however the gallery should NOT be used for "day to day" images in support of your forum posts. Use it only for those images that are likely to be of interest long after your forum thread has been deleted.

Clearly you should not post images that are off-topic i.e. not related to terrain making, however you should also take care not to post images that are likely to cause offence or be distressing to a viewer (even if they have relevance as wargaming reference materials). Any such images will be removed by the administrator and could ultimately result in the member who posted them being banned.

Ownership of the Images

By uploading an image to our gallery you are stating that you are the owner of the image. You must not upload material that would be in breach of someone else's copyright. Please also note that when you upload an image to our gallery, although you still own it, you are giving TerraGenesis permission to display and use it on our site, and that once given this permission cannot be revoked.

Image Sizes

Gallery Images are automatically resized such that they have a maximum width of 640 pixels and/or a maximum height of 480. A thumbnail image is also generated automatically. Please note however that the system has problems resizing large images and if your image file is larger than 250kb you are strongly advised to resize it manually before uploading it.


Albums provide a means of grouping images but an image does not need to be in and album but can be included in more than one.

Think carefully before creating an album. There is, for example, no point creating an album to contain all of your images because we already have a mechanism to view all images by any given member without the need to create an album. We also have a keyword search mechanism that can find images that have specified keywords applied to them.

The purpose of an album is to allow there grouping of, for example, all images relating to a specific terrain project, or of reference photos taken at a specific location. Note however that there is no way of controlling the order in which readers will see the images so please do not try to use an album to create a tutorial or other "document" which should really be written up as an article. Also note the earlier comment about WIP images: they should only be added to the gallery if they show something of particular interest.

Judgement Day

Although the intention is that gallery images will be archived, poor quality images, those with inappropriate titles, keywords, or poor quality descriptions, will be deleted. Think about your titles, descriptions, and the keywords you apply and don't expect somebody else to do the work for you: it won't happen; the image will simply be delete.

How to add an image

There are a couple of ways that you can add an image to our gallery. The first is by using the add image option on the site menu. The second is by converting an image that you have previously uploaded to the forum.

To convert a forum image, you need to go into you member profile where you will find an automatically generated album of images that you have uploaded the forum. Find the image you want to convert and click on it. The screen that comes up next (to display the image) has an option to convert it to a gallery image by adding a title, description, and keywords.

Note that both gallery AND forum images are stored as .jpg files with a maximum width of 640 pixels and height of 480 pixels. Consequently the images have to be resized and this can fail due to lack of memory on our server. Thus we recommend resizing them on your computer, using whatever photo editing software you have, prior to uploading.

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