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Links Sections - Notes on Usage

This document is out of date. I will rework it shortly. - Andy

Our links section is intended for the long term storage of links to interesting resources on other websites. Please note the following before using it:

Links must be to sites and/or documents that are relevant to terrain making. Links to sites that may be useful for reference (e.g. sites about architecture) are permitted, as are links to sites about wargaming, railways, and other subjects that are strongly related to the terrain making hobby.

Links to sites that may be of interest to TG members merely on the basis that they are (mostly) humans, as opposed to terrain makers, are off-topic and are not allowed. Any such links will be deleted by the administrator and may lead to your membership being revoked.

The links section has a feedback system so that members can make comments about the sites and vote on whether they are interesting links that we should keep or links that we should discard. Members can earn Site Reviewer awards by leaving comments. Please note:

  1. Rude or pointless comments (such as "cool site") will be deleted by the administrator and may, if the abuse is significant, lead to your membership being revoked.

  2. Broken links or links that constitute an abuse of the system should be reported to the administer by sending a Personal Message. Please do not 'report' such links with a comment and expect the administrator to notice.

A final point worth noting is that links should take the viewer to the relevant part of the site (not necessarily the front page) so it may be worth having a number of links to and given site. However our linking system is set to accept only a single link to any given site (to protect against multiple links). The administrator has the ability to override this so if you find yourself unable to add a link that you believe is worthwhile, please contact the administrator.

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