So, after casting enough blocks to make the Hirst Arts Ruined Tower, twice, and configure the Desolation Tomb project, several blocks remained homeless. As the best casts were set aside for the towers, the not-so-goodly used for the tomb (sand will obscure most of the holes), the remaining orphans were the juvenile delinquent blocks.


opposite view test

These will serve as practice for doing water effects (which are needed done soon for the copy it comp).

Laughing and time flies...
well, I guess that this will be good practice for some upcoming streambeds...

gesso action
and another orphan with tree bark boulders:


thanks to Tob, the gesso was tried out. My airbrush recently arrived, so I've layered a base coat of black. It's been about twenty years since painting with a sprayer. Wink

...and as flies go...

getting there...
base coat of brown amidst the learning curve of cleaning the beast known as "airbrush"

These are starting to look good BM

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