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Steampunk Airship

This is a piece that took me about 3 weeks to complete in my spare time. It began with a basic plastic ship found at a thrift store. Everything was stripped off of it so I started with just the hull.

Step one involved using a dremel tool to cut out places on the deck for the two main smoke stacks made from pvc pipe and a simple card stock template for their crowns. I added some Warhammer 40k bits, spark plugs and a car headlight lamp. Other materials were, foam board and card stock, granny grating (upper platforms), metal fencing wire (platform railing), twine, several types of hobby wood and dowels, four 3 liter coke bottles (tanks), wooden necklace beads (used as rivets), and pvc elbows (used for the 6 lower hull exhausts). Alot of these materials were also used to build the gangplank from scratch.

After everything was assembled alot of time was spent getting the paint job just right. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer Smile

Image: 20140401034207

Image: 20140401040216

Image: 20140401040230

Image: 20140401040245

Image: 20140401040300

Image: 20140401040316

Image: 20140401040330

Image: 20140401040345

Image: 20140401040401

Image: 20140401040416

Image: 20140401040431

Image: 20140401040445

Image: 20140401040515

Image: 20140401040530

Image: 20140401040545

Yow Malevolent41,

another super build (I also loved your mining station very much).
Love the details, you kept the balance of detailing/overall look very well. A harmonious piece. Spark plugsā€¦ great idea ! The gangplank is perfect. The painting: ace.
Detail: maybe I would have chosen a different color for the coke bottles just to set them off to the rest of the build (in 'real' they probably would be different material than the chimney).

Keep 'm coming !

This looks great! A great conversion of thrift store finds. I was expecting bigger propellers on the back... but I guess it's more for raining destruction, rather than quick getaways Razz

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