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28mm and 15mm Laser Cut Industrial Terrain

Hey Folks!

Been a while since I posted but things have been super busy since I turned my hobby into a business. However I felt that I needed really to post my latest stuff here becasue without TG and the people here I never would have been able to turn my hobby into a business to begin with.

I've been able to take what the laser can do and add some of the techniques that I picked up on TG to make some really cool stuff that can be done in a kit form so anyone can have it on their table. In addition I'm putting out a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Melly, TheRat, and Bugbait for their continued input and influence on my work, thanks so much guys!

So here what I've been up to

Image: 20140421020319

Image: 20140421020338

More 28mm Stuff

More 15mm Stuff

Looks really good! Your 28mm stuff would definitely make for some great Necromunda or 40K gaming.

Wow this looks great!

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