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Hannah's Harbour Cafe

The intention for this is to make a little shanty style cafe/tavern on the beach. It will have a corrugated roof possibly metal frames in the walls or possibly even completely metal, I haven't decided that much yet. I intend to make some poor quality outdoor furniture to go along with. If all goes to plan, I may even include some pieces of eight, treasure maps etc to add to the flavour.

The inspiration for this started off with thinking of an abandoned shop, but then evolved to cafe which got me thinking of a song, Nancy the Tavern Wench
by Alestorm, which led to the birth of the shanty cafe on a beach idea.

So come take a drink and drown your sorrows, And all of our fears will be gone by tomorrow, we'll have no regrets and live for a day, in Nancy's Harbour Cafe

lahmianvampyrevenom said:

Nancy the Tavern Wench, by Alestorm,

So come take a drink and drown your sorrows, And all of our fears will be gone by tomorrow, we'll have no regrets and live for a day, in Nancy's Harbour Cafe

Great song! And album! Thumbs Up
Sounds like perfect inspiration.
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I have made a start, partly because I'm excited about making a building and partly because I need a break from those damned roots for the one inch bases.

I started with foam, it had a wobbly edge where my river section was cut which I angled to make a shore line

Image: 20140518221028

Next I cut some foam support sides for Hannah's

Image: 20140518221102

Then I broke out my new toy, the glue gun, and stuck the sides together

Image: 20140518221130

And then stuck it into place

Image: 20140518221148

It isn't perfectly flush at the base but most of that will be covered when the corrugated card is added. I'm planning on putting a flat piece of card on the roof as support to stop the roof caving in as well. I will paint the whole thing black before adding the card as I'm intending to have some windows, which will be partially covered on the inside with tattered curtains of some description, probably made of tissue paper if I can find an appropriately faded of discoloured shade, possibly some driftwood shutters and I'm thinking the door will be driftwood. I intend to make a sign that will appear to be driftwood, possibly with a letter missing to show clean, possibly painted but unfaded, metal underneath. There will be a lot of random sections of metal in the build, I want to make it look as though it has been built with whatever offcuts could be acquired at the time. I want to try and make some furniture for outside, some scruffy tables and bench chairs that sort of thing, maybe with some empty mead jugs and rum bottles, and I'd like to attempt some crates and vermin if I can. That's the general plan at the moment, we shall see what happens in the next instalment of Hannah the Tavern Wench Laughing

Update time Smile

I added a flat piece of cardboard to support the roof when applied (I will stick this better tomorrow) and painted it in a dark grey

Image: 20140608213059

I then used a pale blue tissue paper to make curtains, I tore the bottoms, added holes and screwed the pieces before unscrewing them and using a watered down PVA to stick them in place, allowing them to fold to make a more natural hang. I decided to have a tattered curtain across the doorway as well.

Image: 20140608213227

Image: 20140608213242

Image: 20140608213255

I then used a sepia wash at the bottom to make the curtains look dirty, I have done this on all of them but only took one picture as it's the same effect.

Image: 20140608213428

I can't seem to find my corrugated card which will cover most of the frame (bar the windows and door) and I still need to work out how to make my driftwood sign, a couple of rickety tables and chairs and the bottles, maps, steins etc to make it look like a pirates illicit drinking hole, any suggestions on these would be greatly appreciated Smile pieces of eight should be easy, either using clay/green stuff or possible thick card cut into shape and painted.

Consider getting some balsa wood. It carves and sands very easily and you can make it look like aged wood by giving it a wash of thin black paint. That is what I used for the boards of my pallets in the recent competition.


Well, I got home late today, had to stay and oversee something at the end of the day and then gave someone a lift home. I then decided to put some paintings on etsy to try and sell and in the search for those I found my corrugated card Dancing so I cut up three sheets into roughly equal width and height, with some smaller pieces left over

Image: 20140610220110

And then painted every piece boltgun metal as a base colour

Image: 20140610220208

And then I thought I'd better stop for fear of turning Surprised I plan to paint some of the pieces in faded green/red some of them with chips missing and then place them onto the frame before the rusting will commence

If you're still going for a shanty type of look I suggest putting some of the corrugated pieces at a slight angle, it's a simple way of adding a more ramshackle look to the construction and occasionally use something that looks like a different building material for that scrounged materials look.

Made some significant progress today. First off I grabbed some of my pieces and painted them pink and green, purposely leaving them uneven for the old, savaged, faded look

Image: 20140611222237

Next, I spent some time glueing them onto the frame, leaving some gaps in the sides for other materials (maybe some drift wood, sheet metal, whatever I can work out how to make and stick in place) I bent some pieces around edges and over the top, trying to make it look like whoever built it attempted to make it somewhat secure and watertight even though it's a ramshackle of junk

Image: 20140611222403

Image: 20140611222414

Image: 20140611222428

Image: 20140611222446

Image: 20140611222459

Next step will be adding the extra materials into the build then making some adornments for the beach. Then I will make it rusty Thumbs Up

Well, I added some other materials, first off I made two flat sheets of metal

Image: 20140613210035

Image: 20140613210049

Next, I cut up a couple of old emery boards after removing one of the sides of paper, I assembled these in a gap and around spaces at the bottom

Image: 20140613210204

Image: 20140613210220

Image: 20140613210258

I also cut up some cocktail sticks and roughly painted them white to resemble old fence posts or some sort of painted wooden pole

Image: 20140613210351

Finally, using more cut up emery board, I roughly wrote HANNAH'S above the door

Image: 20140613210448

To do list as follows: Paint the drift wood; age the posts; make outdoors furniture; sand the beach; add the shore; add details to show it's use (maps, bottles, steins etc); rust the metal

Ideas on how to make the rickety furniture and details would be appreciated as I'm planning on making these soon, although they will be stuck in place last.

There is a great reference for bottles, goblets and candles (as well as a few other bits and peices) useful bit creation hope this is a useful reference for you as there are some great step by step pictures on there

Well, after a nice trip to Shoreham by Sea yesterday, I have made some progress.

First off, I cut out some table and bench tops and scored in plank patterns using a ball point pen

Image: 20140615202720

Next I made legs using clay and cocktail sticks and painted everything brown

Image: 20140615202758

Next I based the beach with sand and added some model railway ballast in patches for sections of pebbles, I will add colour to some of these at a later stage to break it up a little

Image: 20140615202934

I then glued the tops into place on the legs

Image: 20140615203011

Final stage for today I washed the bench and table tops with black ink to show the gaps in the planks

Image: 20140615203058

Tomorrow I plan to finish the tables and benches, add some colour to the pebbles and weather the wood on the building itself. I might even attempt to make a treasure map. Coin piles and bottles will have to wait until Friday when I can get some more supplies.

Well, update time. I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked, however there is some to report.

First thing I did was sculpted some beer mugs from white air drying clay

Image: 20140618214826

Once they are dry I intend to paint them a dark, dirty silver, one is hollow as it will be toppled and the others have a dip in the top to allow me to add a head using cotton wool or something similar.

Next I worked on the tables. I added a second coat of the original brown followed by a lighter shade

Image: 20140618215038

Next I added some detail using two further shades of brown and a brown wash in nicks and cracks

Image: 20140618215150

I then washed the wooden patches around the building

Image: 20140618215226

I washed the post section irregularly to show their previous uses, it is only a light wash as they are painted posts and therefore would have resisted some amount of weathering and dirt that unpainted wood wouldn't

Image: 20140618215315

The final thing was to wash the sign above the door to show the age of the wood

Image: 20140618215515

I plan to add wash to individual pebbles in different browns, blacks, dark reds etc to break up the patches tomorrow and start to weather the metal if I can. I also hope to have some other bits in the next few days to make some more little details for the tables and I am pondering about a few beach flora.

Wow! The sign and tables look excellent!

The only thing, you can still sometimes see the foam through some of the gaps in the curtains Sad although it's only really noticeable really close up.

Good work on the beer mugs as well, are you likely to add a trash can and paper (perhaps with old fish and chips in?) Smile

Yeah I think an overflowing trash can would help give that slightly unloved feel, looking good though. Really liking the tankards.
Can't wait to see the final peice

Righty ho, time for an update. While I'd ideally like to be finished now, I had to go on a materials hunt after pay day and then was on call for two nights, and with fiddly bits needing doing I didn't really want to be hot-gluing the phone to my ear or something like that. I am getting there though.

First off, I painted the mugs silver and washed them brown to make them look old

Image: 20140627224853

Next, I made moulds out of plasticine and filled them with plaster, hopefully these will make some small coin piles, I have made three very small and three slightly larger to see how they will turn out. I had a fair amount of plaster left over and made a big one just because, and partly because I was debating having a coin pile in the details comp for next month, hopefully they will turn out ok.

Image: 20140627225128

Next I made some bottles, appropriate beading for the technique in the link (thank you Keldon) so I improvised a little. I found some bottoms, two green rounded beads and a red and a blue with flattened faces, and some tops, a tube of roughly oval beads. The tops turned out to have the hole in the wrong place so I ended up fiddling and sticking them with hot glue, the tops are slightly off colourless so look empty whilst the coloured bottoms look like there's still some liquid

Image: 20140627225547

Next I cut a rough shape out of paper and stained it unevenly using a wash, stained both sides to allow edge and corner rolling once in position

Image: 20140627225657

I then drew a crude treasure map using a felt tip pen very lightly

Image: 20140627225741

Finally, the part that took longest. I used a variety of browns, a couple of greys, white and a few dashes of pink (shell fragments) to add some variation to the pebble patches. This took several hours as I coloured individual pebbled that called to me at the time. The effect is similar across all patches

Image: 20140627225945

I had always intended to have some of the foam showing, hence why I painted it dark initially, I wanted some of the tattered curtains to end above the window, can't remember exactly why now but it was planned that way for a very good reason. I hadn't thought about a rubbish bin and can't figure out how to do one that would fit in, I had considered some beach flora but can't work out how to make what I want.

Left to do now is painting the coin piles (if they come out right); positioning my additional pieces to the tables and a lot of rust. The plan with the rust is to show that they didn't all start weathering here, some pieces the rust run off will appear to go in the wrong direction to some extent and maybe pool in an unusual position, partly to give variation and partly because the bits wouldn't all have been the same age when gathered.

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